Community Value Card

The Community Value Card is for educational institutions, religious organisations and charity organisations purchasing products from Merrypak for their own use.

Discount Structure

On presentation of the Merrypak Community Value Card, the organisation qualifies for a 10% discount on all purchases — no matter how small the value, up to a value of R2999.  Purchases of R3000 and over qualify for a 15% Discount.

Please note

  • Discounts are calculated excluding any delivery charges.
  • The Merrypak Community Value Card must be presented to the cashier when the purchase is made. Benefits cannot be allocated retrospectively. For orders placed via our website, the Value Card number must be supplied at the time of placing the order.

Merrypak reserves the right to withdraw or change the Value Card system at any time. Merrypak reserves the right to cancel a Community Value Card if it emerges that the goods purchased are not for the use of the organisation. A letter from the organisation must accompany the Merrypak Community Value card every time it is presented.

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