Being in business is not for the feint hearted, even in the best possible circumstances. 2020 has hit us for a 6 – a squeezed economy, load shedding and now COVID-19. We run Merrypak as a huge family – probably not always the best way to do business but for us it has made sense as we look out for our customers and staff alike. Closing our doors, as we have been instructed by our president, is probably the most difficult thing we have had to do in over 30 years of business. Our 200+ staff and their families plus our 40 special needs staff rely on us to make this all “work” and for now, we can’t continue to do that.

Thanks to every one of you who have and hopefully will continue to support Merrypak. We are proud of our integrity and our old-fashioned way of doing things. Perhaps we would have walked away a long while back with huge profits if we had made different business choices but we sleep easy having chosen to run a business with a conscience. We will open our doors on 17 April refreshed and determined to continue to run our business in our home-spun way. We look forward to being of service again.


Stay safe everyone

Julie & Mervyn Tobiansky and Madeline Pate

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