Don’t get Caught Out by Load Shedding

We have plenty of stock of the amazing Consol Solar Jar. Priced at only R229 each.

The principle of the Consol Solar Jar is simple and seductively clever: solar-powered LED lights are safely housed in a 1-litre Consol Classic jar, which stores energy during the day when placed in sunlight and releases light at night. The sustainability of this product is enhanced as the glass jars are 100% recyclable and on average each Consol Glass container consists of 35% recycled content. The Consol Solar Jar is perfect for when the lights go out, for patio dining, or romantic dinners, camping, in fact any outdoor activity that needs soft, safe lighting.

Consol Solar JarColsol-solar-jar-competitionSolar Lightconsol_solar_jar_1




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