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67 Minutes at Merrypak

Behind the scenes at Merrypak, are more than 240 dedicated staff members with all levels of abilities and disabilities – working together to make Merrypak ‘happen’. On Mandela day we had our own little One-to-One experience where we twinned our special needs staff with volunteers from other departments for 67 minutes. The pairs worked together, […]

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New: Party Dress Up Section

Merrypak has always been known as the go-to place for packaging and craft supplies. Did you know that we are also the place to go for all your party supplies too? Our new online Dress Up section is up and running.  We have everything from wigs to hats and even fishnet stockings.  We even have […]

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Intellectual Disability Awareness

March was intellectual disability awareness month so we took the opportunity to introduce you to some of our staff. We wanted you to meet the people behind the disability. These amazing young people have the same dreams as we have – to be loved, accepted, productive and successful. They belong in our schools, communities and […]

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