Help us to help our MERRYPAK family!

2020 got off to a slow start for us at Merrypak. Load shedding and a very tight economy made running a business extremely challenging. Just when we were looking forward to a busy Easter season, COVID-19 hit our shores and it has left us reeling. As we all dealt with the onslaught of information, turnover slowed to a trickle. The news became more and more sobering. Lockdown has meant that we have had to close our factory and send our staff to be as safe as possible in their own homes.

Never in our 30 year history, have we been unable to pay our dedicated staff. We have applied for relief from UIF but we have yet to receive any funds. We have also applied for various debt relief to keep our business afloat. In the meantime, we are appealing to our loyal customers and supporters to help us to provide for our 186 staff and their families. We are often complimented on the friendly faces and good service at Merrypak. Our staff members make Merrypak the special place it is. 100% of your donations will go directly to our staff – to provide some relief for them, in these uncertain times.

We hope that Merrypak will survive this pandemic -that we will be able to open our factory and open our doors to welcome you all again soon. We are proud to run a business with a conscience and we appeal to you to assist us in our time of need.   #MerrypakStaff

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