Moving into 2015

Thanks to everyone who supported us as we  launched our new site in 2014. It has been a huge learning curve for us. Creating the systems and putting enough people in place behind the scenes to support the new site have been challenging. We really do appreciate the patience you have shown while we “got our act together”. It has been a matter of learning as we go along. The response to our site has been remarkable and as a result, our staff were drowning towards the end of the year. It was difficult to predict the stock levels we needed to have as this was such a new area for us.

The Post Office strike came at the worst possible time as post remains the most affordable method of transportation especially for small parcels. Fortunately, they seem to have got things back together and we are once again able to offer post as a delivery option. We have also been making changes with courier companies to try to find the most efficient, economical solutions particularly to small towns and outlying areas. One of the frustrations which has slowed down our turn around time is that we need to pick and pack orders before we have accurate information to calculate the transport costs. Unlike the big guys, we are not able to include transport costs or create a standardised rate. This is something we are working on at the moment.

We kept our Sales, Stores, Dispatch and Retail Stores open during the holidays but our factory has just re-opened yesterday. We are now back full steam with production and many of our suppliers have also reopened. This will mean that stock levels will start improving.

Many of our staff signed up for our in-house gym yesterday, so hopefully with healthy bodies and increased energy, we will be better equipped to  provide great service.

Thanks for choosing Merrypak. Here’s to a great 2015!




33 Staff Members with Full Attendance for 2014!

33 Staff Members with Full Attendance for 2014!

Staff Gym Winners with instructor Nick Burger

Staff Gym Winners with instructor Nick Burger






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