Well Done Elizabeth and Rose!

I just wanted to thank you for the great service I have had and especially from Elizabeth who has gone the extra mile.

In this day and age poor service is the norm and it is refreshing to deal with your company and get fantastic service.



I would like to compliment Rose for the incredible service she gave me in the last 3 times I ordered from Merrypak. I live in the Kruger national park and there was a hiccup with my very first order and Rose went out of her way to make sure it gets to my. With my last order, she couldn’t get hold of me and landed up leaving a voice mail on my cellphone and sent an sms to tell me my parcel has been delivered to the Postnet. In my opinion it is definitely not her job to let me know when it arrives but she took it upon her to make sure I am aware that it is there and I cold go and collect it from them. She is so friendly in her communication and I love dealing with her. 


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