Gold Star for Greg!

I wanted to drop you an email to tell you about the wonderful experience I had at Merrypak yesterday.  I have always found all your staff to be helpful and friendly. I arrived yesterday at about 3.45pm and went in search of an Art canvas that Lara needs for school. I was armed with the dimensions given to her in centimetres. So you can imagine my irritation when I realized that all the Canvas Dimensions are in Inches. While standing pondering whether to just give up and go home I was approached by a young gentleman with a huge smile and he offered to assist me.

I later discovered his name was Greg. He immediately got a ruler and between us we found the correct Canvas. Then I realized that it was quiet dirty on the sides – nothing to Greg he got a ladder and searched the top for more Canvases the required size. All the way through chatting to me.

I must have taken a good 20 minutes of his time but at no stage did he make me feel as if I was being difficult. Having got my Canvas I left him surrounded by Canvases which needed to be re packed on the shelves.

Greg is another asset to your wonderful organization.


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